See pictures of Rob Kardashian’s daughter

The happiest girl! Thanks to social media, fans have seen Rob KardashianDaughter of, Dream KardashianThey grow up right in front of their eyes.

On November 10, 2016, d Keep up with the Kardashians Alum has welcomed her baby into the world and since then she has been showing her love for her little girl on social media. In fact, while celebrating Dream’s fourth birthday in November 2020, the founder of Arthur George spoke of his “sweet and smart daughter”.

Similarly, Chris Jenner Appearing on iHeartRadio’s “Pretty Messed Up” podcast the same month, he praised Sapne and her special bond with Rob. “Her daughter, Dream, is great and she loves that baby,” Mama shared “He’s a great dad and you never know – you have kids, they’ve grown up, they have kids – and you don’t know how anyone’s going to be a parent but he’s just … wow.”

Over the years, the former reality star has had his ups and downs during his time in the spotlight, but one thing is for sure, Robb always has his full attention to the dream. “She found a happy place where she could dream and bring all the joy.” And! News About their parent-daughter relationship in February 2021. “He wants to be the best dad possible and doesn’t want to disappoint him.”

The little kid with the big smile is always playing in the photos and videos, it seems she is the happiest girl around.

Rob Chinner's attorney spoke after finding the initial custody of the dream
Courtesy of Rob Kardashian / Twitter

With a Kardashian-like family name, it’s no surprise that the dream already has some stylish look. From her own Yeezy sneakers (thanks Connie West) And a cheetah print matching set, this tiny tote is already making a fashionista. As he grows older, the dream will surely give Auntie Kylie Jenner A race for her money to be influential on social media, especially since the curly haired beauty already has her own Instagram account with over 700,000 followers! It is safe to say that the dream is living its best.

Scroll through our gallery to see the most adorable pictures of Rob’s daughter and her megawatt smile.

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