See when women break the golden family rules

On the way back in the day, Michelle Dugar The executive has decided that her daughters will grow up exclusively after skirts and dresses. Over the last few years though the rebellious daughter Jingar Duggar Decided he was ready to live by his own rules. Shortly after the knot was tied, he began to wear pants – and now his sisters are following suit. These days, Jill Duggar Regularly ripped jeans are rocking, and even Jana Duggar Seen in shorts.

But how did that whole skirt and dress thing start? The girls explained in their 2014 book, Duggar is growing, Why their parents came up with such strict rules about their dress code – and how it relates to their traditional, religious values. “We do not dress modestly because we are ashamed of the body God has given us; Quite the opposite. We understand that our body is a special gift from God and He only wants to share it with our future husband, ”they explained.

“We avoid low-cuts, cleavage-shows, gaps or bare shoulder tops and wear undershirts when needed. We always try to make it a habit to cover the top of our shirt with our hands when we bend. We don’t want to play Pikbu games with our neckline, ”they said. They further explained how the TLC stars used a “safe word” when approaching an improperly dressed woman to signal the rest of the family to look down and keep it moving. When they see someone wearing less modest clothing, they say “Nike” – and the boys look at their sneakers instead of straight ahead.

This measure is used to protect any male in the family from being “cheated” while out. And it turns out, be careful not to cheat on anyone where the whole skirt and dress thing is effective. “We really wanted to see what the scriptures say [modesty]Michelle wrote in a 2013 blog for TLC. “Our explanation was to cover from neck to knee.” But it was important to her that she did it in a feminine way. “As a woman, I have to decide who I am by choosing clothes and skirts,” she said.

But now that the girls are old enough to start making that choice for themselves, who is following in their mother’s footsteps? More importantly, who is branching? Check out the gallery below to see which of the Dugar girls wore a pair of pants.

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