Shaida and Bilal are still together?

After only seven days in private, 90 day engagement Season 9 newcomers Probably And Bilal They decided they wanted to get married – but did they do it? Keep reading to see if Shaida and Bilal are still together.

Bilal, 42, met Shaida, 37, a local from Trinidad and Tobago online, and after spending a week together in private, the couple decided they wanted to get married. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the couple will not see each other for more than two years.

Coming from a very different context, the Missouri native faced great difficulties in combining her life with this woman who still lives under the roof of her parents. Often on social media displaying expensive, designer items, divorced parents of two children have made a good living by selling real estate, and the sincerity of Shaida in their relationship will surely be questioned by those around her.

“I wanted to see if Shaida really wants me for her and not for what I have,” Bilal said in a preview clip of the show. “So let’s test.”

The question will linger throughout the season like any other clip, Shaida later tells Bilal, “This prenup gives me a reality check.”

“Do you want to take everything I have?” Bilal replied to his future wife. Apparently not happy with her answer, Shaida was seen crying in a video call to a family member who told her to jump on the plane next to the house.

Money will not be their only struggle, Shaida has her own plans to start a family – Bilal must be hesitant.

While TLC fans may not know that the pair made the distance by the end of the season, Shaida and Bilal still follow each other and like each other’s posts on Instagram – which is always a great sign.

The former yoga instructor often enrolls himself in his craft practice and the surrounding environment looks promising. Sharing a picture in the snow, the beautiful Trinidadian still has a good chance to stay with Bilal in Kansas City instead of his home in the Caribbean. Leaving another hint, Shaida also has an American flag emoji in her Instagram bio.

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