Shawn Lo jumps in with the adorable post Katherine Goodis

Sweet! Ex Bachelor Star Shawn Low There is no shortage of nice things to say about his wife, Katherine Goodis.

The 38-year-old, from Texas, shared two photos of the 35-year-old Guidi on Instagram: a single shot and one hugging their kids. Although his birthday did not come until the end of April, Lowe took the time to dedicate a post to his wife.

“She’s not just a pretty face. This woman has great legs too! Well, my job is over. She’s not only the best mom in the world. Drink, ”he wrote via Instagram on April 1.“ He never thinks he has a free moment for himself, yet he never complains about the hundreds of things he does every day to keep our family moving. So my wife is talented and selfless. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

In true low fashion, the reality TV personality has thrown a few funny jokes in her captions as well as her heartfelt words. He may have done the post on April Fool’s Day, but this time there was no prank involved!

Guidi recently shared some love for her husband on Instagram, sharing an adorable picture of their kids – Samuel5, Isaiah3, and Mine, 2 – smiling in the sun. “I married Hank, an All-American. What I expected from her children, “he wrote.

The couple, who met in the 17th season of The Bachelor and got married in January 2014, continue to amaze fans with their long-lasting romance. In addition to raising three children together, they cope with countless endeavors, from business ventures to weight loss.

Lowe and Goodis even tried the Nutricystem Partner Plan together, which led to significant success. Gudci revealed on Instagram that he lost 25 pounds after staying with Mia and he said exclusively Our weekly Why he liked the partner plan: “Not only am I able to do this with Shawn, it’s a sustainable plan and we can eat delicious food.”

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