Shoplifting gang pushes NYPD police cruiser after stealing $ 70,000 from designer

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A TikTok video captures the moment a shopkeeper hits a NYPD police car and tries to escape with 70 70,000 worth of designer clothes and bags.

New York City has become the wildest wild east where overall crime from the epidemic has increased by more than 44%.

TikTok video shows NYPD police surrounding a Dodge Charger as the driver pushes a patrol car.

When women oppose the door of the car and surrender, police charger baton charge in the window.

Police arrested three suspects, Janavia Marble, 29, Brianna Greer, 27, and Jahil Pamlin, 29, all of Newark, New Jersey.

The trio began after looting a high-end store in Soho, NY on Sunday, with designer clothing and handbags valued at 70,000.

According to Dailymail.comThe women stole Dior and Gucci clothing, multiple Sacai jackets, and two Bottega bags, which retailed for more than 2,000.

When the thieves tried to escape on the charger, they got stuck in traffic.

The driver then pushed the NYPD cruiser behind him and the police started hitting the car window with their sticks.

The trio are suspected of having previously robbed the same high-end boutique in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood.

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