Singer Muni Long says he was not invited to the ‘Hour and Hour’ plaque party, calling

Singer Muni Long says he was not invited to the ‘Hour and Hour’ plaque party, but called the music executive

Apparently, a plaque is happening for the party Mooney LongIts hit song “Hours and Hours.” However, he claimed that he was not invited.

Mooney Long Details of the situation in a series of tick tock videos shared April 12.

“Come here and drink this tea while it’s hot,” he began.

Continued, Muni Long Says:

“So obviously it’s going to be a party tomorrow where it’s being given plaque for‘ hours and hours ’. And guess who is not getting one? Me! Guess who wasn’t even invited? Me. “

He inserted the so-called invitation list, where his name is nowhere to be seen. The vocalist claims, being done on behalf of the team JR Mackie, A music industry executive he worked with before studying with her in January. He explained:

“You think you’re going to have a little party there, aren’t you? He’s going to present you a plaque that I’ve never seen, never approved of. He has my logo on his side, which I’m not cool about. And here’s the kicker, he Turn around and use the moment [to promote] One of his artists. She will play songs for you, using that moment as if she wants to honor you, but really it is a manipulation strategy. How great is that? “

Mooney Long Continuing, read out the details with him JR Mackie, Who owns the streaming label MPR Global 7 He shared:

“I haven’t had a good time with JR since January when I discovered that I was being manipulated and I brought it to him and his partner Drew… and you know what he said? He said, ‘I am not in the Mooney Long business. I’m doing JR McKee business. I don’t care how it feels to you. You have signed [the contract]. I am going to do what I have to do for my family. ‘

He said he was hurt by her reaction and felt he was exploiting her “creations”.

“You don’t think about the creator or how what you tell me affects my creative process. You just think about money. Calm down, “he said.

Mooney Long He shared some final words on Instagram, making it clear that he does not support JR Mackie And its label.

“I also hate that there may be other artists who have fallen for the mistake, believing that I co-sign what is happening and I absolutely don’t,” he added.

What do you think about not receiving his invitation and the label of the play? Let us know in the comments!

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