Singer Quinn Niza shares that she can do more than just R&B music: I can

Queen Nieza

Queen Niza shares that she can do more than just R&B music: I can gospel, country and drill!

R&B singer / YouTube personality Queen Nieza He made it clear that he could never be confined to one category when it came to his musical skills.

Queen NiezaVisit Instagram on Sunday (April 10) to let fans and followers know that her music catalog is just getting started. Queen Nieza Through his IG stories he shared in a post that he is versatile in music, but he is still trying to make his mark in the music industry. The queen Wrote,

“I could do anything I need to know. I could do old school R&B, I could do gospel, I could do drills, I could do country, hell I could even do punk rock. I didn’t show PPL because I’m still there
Trying to make my mark here and set the tone, a lot of people fell asleep
Misunderstood and okay. It just means I have to start playing. They do not respect you when you are very humble !!! Creating QN2 .. ”

If you haven’t already, The queen Recently joined the New York drill rapper Fivio Foreign To collaborate on his album “The Bible” released on Friday (April 6). As well as singers and rappers Koi LereThe duo co-created the fans’ favorite song “What’s My Name”, a nearly three-and-a-half minute long track that sampled Destiny’s Child’s 1999 hit “Say My Name.”

See a snippet of the track below.

You look forward Queen Nieza Branches off other music genres? Let us know in the comments below!


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