Sister Wives’ Mary says she came here ‘to make love’ in the Cody problem

Spreading love. Sister wife Star Mary Brown She says she came here “to make love” because her marital problems with her husband continued. Cody Brown.

Mary, 51, went to Instagram on Sunday, April 10, to take a selfie as well as share a caption with some thoughts about her love. “I was called to love, not to hate. I was told to accept, not to condemn. I was told to be confident, not to be afraid. I was called to serve, not to neglect. I’m here to make love … to learn, to serve, to influence others in a positive way, “wrote the TLC star. “I have no one here to judge, to correct, to hold accountable, except myself.”

He continued the long caption, reflecting on some of his plans for the future. “I came here to be a safe place, to have an open mind, heart and home and to feel loved and cared for by others. I’m here to laugh, to enjoy life, and to live it … to the fullest, “wrote the TV personality.

“I love and protect the people in my inner circle, and that circle goes a long way. My call is to live my work, my passion, my confidence, my truthfulness, who I am, and the truth that God has made me in this world. I’m not apologetic, “Mary concludes.

One man’s mother shared the post because she continues to deal with problems in her marriage to Cody, 53 The couple tied the knot in 1990, although divorced in 2014 to allow Cody to legally marry his fourth wife. Robin Brown, 43.

Sister-in-law Mary Brown says she is
Courtesy of Mary Brown / Instagram

Cody married his second wife spiritually, Janelle BrownIn 1993, when he added his third wife, Christine BrownIn 1994 through a spiritual wedding ceremony in the group. However, Christine recently passed away in November 2021 at Brown’s ancestry.

Mary was open about her marriage struggle with Cody on the family reality show. During Sister Wives Three-Part Season 16, Mary and Cody acknowledge how far their spiritual marriage has come.

“She’s still part of the family, but I’m never going to marry her because I’m never going to go through that trauma again,” the businessman told the series host. I love Krishnan In a part of everything aired on January 30th.

Cody’s first wife later admitted in the episode that the two had not been intimate “probably in a decade”, adding that they were “just friends” at the time.

A week after Season 16 Tell-All aired, Mary spoke openly about their relationship in a lengthy Instagram post.

“A few months ago, I used the word ‘oddized’ in a conversation with a friend about my relationship. This is the first time I’ve voiced it, and it seemed … honest, “he explained in his caption.” It’s hard to use and yet somewhat free.

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