Sojabay Zara, the 90-day-old fianc, has accused the show of editing phone calls

90 day engagement Star Uthman “Sojabay” Umar Protecting his relationship with his American girlfriend Kimberly Menzies And claims that he never wanted to call and remind his ex Corrosion About their romance 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Season 5. She said in an Instagram post on Wednesday, April 6, that it took her two hours of “verification” to call Zara and that her story had made an “edit” around the scene.

4 seasons 90 days agoEveryone has seen me and knows how I really got back in Season 5 with Kimberly. We go up and down, but we always solve our problems. Sojabay, 32, started his long message.

“Yes, I was hesitant because of the age gap and I don’t think so There is something wrong with taking care of myself before repeating my past mistakes, “he said, referring to his ex-wife. Lisa “Baby Girl Lisa” RobinsonFrom which he was separated in 2020. Kimberly is 51, and Lisa is 54.

“But in the end, we work things out between Kimberly and me, just to see me and hear that I called Zara after Kimberly left. That wasn’t true,” Usman explained. In the December 2021 episode, he revealed that there was another American woman named Zara who he was romantically interested in after filming 4 seasons. Sojabay and Zara later shut things down, and the singer turns his attention to working on a romance. With Kimberly.

At the time, pop star Sojaboy said in a confession about Zara, “I really am [fell] In love with that lady, but she couldn’t follow my female fans and comment on my posts. So we stopped talking. ”

Closing Sunday, April 3rd 90 day engagement: 90 days ago, Sojabay called Zara for a video chat when Kimberly returned to the United States after a trip with him to Africa. During the call, he and Zara reminded her of their romance.

“T.Her phone with Zara was 5 days after I arrived in Zanzibar 21 days and I never wanted to do that. It took me 2 hours to be sure, ”Sojabay claimed in his Instagram post.

He took some responsibility and regretted showing the call to Zara. “Despite the argument before the call, I blame myself for doing it. But after Kim leaves, why am I telling the world that I call? It was never fair, ”the singer continued, annoyed at the way the scene aired in the season finale.

Usman Umar and Kimberly Menzies
Courtesy of Usman Umar / Instagram

Usman then said that proof of his current happiness with Kimberly would be shown in the show’s upcoming reunion compared to his tour with him in Africa. “Look at Kimberly during the shoot in Zanzibar and you can see the difference in the recordings. I make him glow that. I have treated the woman well, and she will testify that “she shouted before the show’s producers requested,”Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Don’t edit because next time I won’t tolerate it. “

Representatives from TLC and Sharp Entertainment did not immediately respond In contactRequest for comment.

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