Steve Harvey will partner with the Black-based Film and Television Entertainment app,

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Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey will partner with the Black-founded Film and Television Entertainment App, Pop Viewers

Steve Harvey Now his media talent will take him to technology. The 65-year-old entertainment mogul aims to ensure that more diverse voices can be heard through his new partnership with Black-led entertainment app PopViewers Inc.

PopViewers, a film and television entertainment app, recently announced its new partnership with the show host. Steve Harvey. The businessman started his career serving stand-up comedy about 40 years ago. Now, he will use the effects he has accumulated over the years to ensure that audience voices are heard through seemingly pop-viewers through movies and television shows.

Steve Harvey

Describing what users can expect from his collaboration with the app and why he decided to take the project, the comedian said,

“Popviewers are creating a more inclusive viewing experience and creating a space that presents the voices and perspectives of viewers from a variety of backgrounds. Most media critics don’t look like me or Chris, and this affects how movies and shows sell to a wider audience.” That’s why I like the vision and why I decided to share it. By bringing in more diverse voices, we can promote great talent, ensuring that it can be recognized and appreciated worldwide. ”

Harvey When it comes to his business ventures, he is obviously in a “come-up”. As previously reported, he earlier this year IRS reveals how he got his life together after receiving $ 22 million in back taxes. According to Harvey, The incident happened in 2007 when his trusted accountant died. After his death, Harvey He found out that his friend had been stealing from him for 7 years. Fortunately, the entertainer was able to pull himself out of that financial hole and is now able to partner with a black-owned technology startup.

Steve Harvey

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