Teen Mom Oz’s Shain Floyd and Ryder’s Twinning Moments

Like a mother like a girl! Teenage mother Ozzy Star Cheyenne Floyd He has had twins with his daughter Ryder many times over the years.

Xien, 29, took to Instagram on Sunday, April 24 to share a series of photos of her family traveling to Honolulu, Hawaii. The reality star soaked the sun with her fianc Ryder, 5, her fianc Jack Davis And their son S, 10 months.

Ryder, whom Sheen shares with the former Corey Wharton, Looked exactly like her mom when they hugged in the photo. The first snap of the slide captures Sheen, who is hugging the rider with a smile for the camera. Meanwhile, S looked adorable to his mother and sister while playing in the water.

“I’ve been celebrating my mother’s birthday all week but the hotel has a children’s pool and an adult pool. Guess I won’t see her until we get home,” Chen wrote in the caption of the post.

Teen Mom fans rushed to the comments section to indicate how rider Ryder looked. “Okay Rider your twins are just beautiful,” one wrote. Another added, “Rider has your whole face.”

In September 2021, Shien spoke exclusively In contact About how Ryder was sympathetic to 31-year-old Corey. “We are having a good day. We have bad days, “the MTV personality explained at the time, adding that raising their daughter together was” an uphill battle. “

In addition to shaking hands with Ryder, Cheyenne’s Instagram followers also noted how “intelligent” Ace is. “S always steals shows,” commented one Instagram user.

The challenge Alum gave birth to her youngest son on May 27, 2021. After their engagement on April 25, 2021, she and Jack are currently in the process of getting married. The question popped up during Zach Ace’s baby shower, which was documented Teenage mother Ozzy.

The couple also shared the good news in an Instagram post at the time. “Speechless – we said yes! Today was perfect! After this proposal, Shayne jumped on social media. I still can’t put it into words but this is a moment I will cherish forever. Thanks @z.terrel I love you uuuuu !! ”

Holiday pictures are not the first time fans have pointed out how rider Ryder looks.

Keep scrolling through the years to see Shine’s twin moments with Ryder.

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