Teen Mom Rachel’s Ex-Drew Brooks Arrested: Face Photo, Details

Adolescent mother: young and pregnant Star Rachel BeaverAgain on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend, Drew BrooksWas arrested again and returned to prison for attempted murder, In contact Confirms exclusively.

Brooks, 22, was taken into custody at the Monroe County Justice Center in Tennessee at 12:23 a.m. Wednesday, April 6. In contact Confirms. He was taken into custody without a bond and his court date is set for Monday, April 18. This is a developing story.

On March 29, the former reality TV star was released from the same jail after being arrested on March 3 for illegally carrying or possessing a weapon. In contact Exclusively confirmed on time. The charges against him were later dropped due to lack of witnesses.

His arrest and allegations of illegal possession or possession of weapons were related to the events of March 1 and March 3. According to the police report received exclusively In contactThe officer arrested Brooks while patrolling a Walmart parking lot in Madisonville, Tennessee, and found a firearm hidden in a black ski mask in a subway sandwich bag in his car. He was taken into custody and taken to Monroe County Justice Center.

The former reality star appeared in court on March 15 at 9 am for the charges.

Just two days ago, Brooks was charged with criminal intrusion after being spotted on Walmart’s camera system. According to police reports, on January 16, he was “previously banned from the property for shopping.” In contact. He appeared in court on March 14 for that charge and the charge against him was dropped on March 29 due to lack of witnesses.

Despite his recent allegations, this is not his first run with the law. Since 2018, Brooks has faced multiple legal issues.

On October 2, 2020, he was charged with felony criminal mischief for reckless endangerment, possession of underage alcohol, breach of probation, and avoidance of arrest. He pleaded guilty to avoidance of arrest, easy possession of a prescribed 6 and financial liability.

About six months ago, he was arrested for criminal disguise, twice for contributing to a minor and for violating his probation on April 25, 2020 – resulting in an earlier charge of stealing more than $ 1,000 worth of property on September 30, 2018.

Teenage mother: Drew Brooks arrested young and pregnant: Details about Rachel Beaver's ex
Courtesy of MTV

The sheriff’s office reportedly found marijuana and alcohol in a car driven by a friend of Brooks, and during questioning he gave police the wrong name and age, according to The sun. As a result, he agreed to an application agreement and was convicted of contributing to a juvenile and criminal disguise.

In July 2020, Beaver revealed through his Instagram story that he was released from prison by sharing a snap in the back seat of a car.

“Guess who’s out?” He gave the caption of the story at that time.

The couple has had a rocky relationship since the birth of their daughter Hazelly in February 2019. Her pregnancy was recorded when Beaver first joined Young and pregnant Cast in September 2019. However, he claimed to be a friend of Brooks Jacob Russell She was the father of her child at the time.

In January 2020, MTV personality revealed that Brooks was in fact Hazel’s biological father.

“I know my baby’s dad from the jump,” she wrote via her Instagram story that month. “Stop asking me who her father is. Her father is obviously Drew.”

Beaver continued, “I just said he was Jacob because I was [dumb] And a family wanted too bad, and Drew didn’t want to be there for her, and Jacob did. I literally lived with Drew and broke up with him when I found out I was pregnant. “

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