Teresa Goodis Plastic Surgery Comments: Thoughts on the procedure

She has an open mind! The real housewife of New Jersey Star Teresa Judis He is always clear about his views on plastic surgery and the procedures he has performed over the years. The mother of four works hard to make her look and feel her best, but she is not against going under the knife.

Keep reading to see what the TV personality has to say about plastic surgery.

Did Teresa complete the process?

Bravo has released the alarm In November 2021 he received the “tip” [her] The New Jersey Ultimate Women’s Expo has been snubbed while appearing as the keynote speaker The sun.

“So, I guess I got a nose job – the tip of it,” Teresa said that month. “After I finished it, I didn’t feel any pain.”

Earlier, the reality TV personality mentioned that she had a new breast augmentation in January 2020, although she was hesitant to take it again.

“I believe it’s important to always be strong and think of yourself as your best, most confident person,” Teresa told her followers on Instagram. The reality star was too nervous to repeat [her] Breasts “But they were happy to see how it ended. He continued in his post,” I encourage someone who doesn’t feel best to work to feel better. “” Although it’s the smallest thing. If it’s something like that Which requires cosmetic surgery to feel better. “

Teresa shows abs after sports bra at gym
Courtesy of Teresa Judis / Instagram

Teresa said she decided to make her breasts first because she had a very small A-cup. In 2018, the fitness contestant also opened up about getting a “little” filler on her lips.

“I won’t lie, I’ll tell you,” he said Watch Live What Happens.

Would she mind if her kids went under the knife?

“I’m all about plastic surgery, but no [for] Teenagers, ”he said Lifestyle And other journalists at the New Jersey Ultimate Women Expo in November 2019.

“I won’t let Gia do anything for a while,” he said of sharing with his eldest daughter Joe Judis At the time of the incident “I mean you know, after your 20s, if you want to do something like that after 21. You have to make sure that your body is fully grown. Or I know young girls make their noses and I think, you know, if you have a big nose you can fix it. Why not ?! “

The Celebrity apprentices Alum said he has no hesitation in doing so unless there is a good reason for change.

“If you’re not happy with yourself and you want to have plastic surgery, I think you should, because after you do, it makes you feel better,” he said.

Gia, daughter of Teresa Goodis, reveals that she got a nose job
Courtesy of Gia Giudice / Instagram

What was his reaction to the work of the gear nose?

On July 17, 2020, Teresa’s daughter Gia Judis announced that she had received a rhinoplasty. “I’m an adult now, it was an insecurity for me for a while and I’ve never been happier and so comfortable on my own skin !!” He wrote in his caption.

Teresa’s earlier comments may have led fans to believe that she would be upset about getting the Gia method, but in reality, she was quite supportive.

“I can’t be too proud of you. You’re beautiful inside and out.” Fantasy! The author commented on Gia’s post. “I love you infinitely and beyond.”

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