Thandy Newton has denied being fired from ‘Magic Mike 3’ after heated arguments

Thandi Newton, Channing Tatum

Thandi Newton has denied being fired from ‘Magic Mike 3’ following a heated argument over the slap in the face at the Oscars.

Actress Thandi Newton Clearing the air about why he’s no longer working on “Magic Mike 3”

In a recently published statement, a representative for Thandi Newton He has denied allegations that he was fired from the third installment of the popular movie series. Following Cool Newton Leaving the movie “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”, rumors spread that the movie star had a heated exchange. Channing Tatum Manages Cool Being fired from the project. According to an internal source, the former co-stars are arguing Will Smith Notoriously slapped Chris Rock. In the report, the source said:

“They fell for the Oscar defeat … I was on set. I saw him and saw him. They were inside and outside the house where we were shooting this clash.”

Complaints continue from that source Channing Tatum, 41, was furious after the quarrel. Cutting Cool49, he is a producer outside of the movie series – in many words:

“I’m not working with him anymore … This is my movie, so he left the movie.”

Channing He has played the lead role in the movie since the first “Magic Mike” installment was released in 2012. The source further claimed that Channing The number one guy on the set, he was called the finalist. In addition, the director of the internal movie added, Steven Soderberg, Trying to handle the situation did not help.

Channing Tatum

Despite the news of the end of the blow-up Cool Time on set, Warner Bros. and Cool The legal team denied the claim. The network said that the “Westworld” star left the “family-oriented” set 11 days later. When a representative for Cool Says:

“This report is completely incorrect.”

Thandi Newton

According to reports, Cool Is replaced by the actress Salma Hayek55, following his departure from the film.

Selma Hayek

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