‘That’s what I’m talking about [On The Same Level As] Whitney Houston and Adele ‘

Trick Daddy, Beyonc

Strategy father clarifies’Beyonc can’t sing ‘Comment:’ I’m talking [On The Same Level As] Whitney Houston and Adele ‘

It’s not like you have to listen to someone every day Beyonc Can’t sing, and Strategy Dad He made clear in the past what he meant by that.

Attendance at The Breakfast Club on 13 April (Organizer) Charlamagane tha Ishwar, Angela Yeh And DJ jealousy), Strategy Dad Said

“The thing is, I’m not saying Beyonc can’t sing. Because I have known Beyonc since she was 15 years old [or] 16.… I have a lot of love and respect [for her]. Beyonc একজন is an entertainment hell, but when I put singers in a category, I’m talking about Whitney Houston, Adele, Shirley Murdoch, Stephanie Mills, Jennifer Hudson.

He continued,

“Of the 10 female R&B singers who have come out in the last five years, five have the same tune. … Her, SZA, Jhin Iko, I can close my eyes and don’t know who they are. That doesn’t mean I don’t like them, it doesn’t mean I don’t like their talent, but if I have to pull the top 10 [or] A top five, I won’t mention them. “

As previously reported, “Thug Holiday” rapper bee buzzing when he spoke directly. “Beyonc I couldn’t sing at the clubhouse last year. In fact, his recent comments seem to be a complete retelling of what he said earlier. In the past, he said,

“Beyonc isn’t trying to get back into music, and there’s no such thing. Beyonc লেখ doesn’t write songs, and she can only sing her mom’s things – Beyonc পারে can’t sing! You have to pay. “

Strategy Dad Also came for J-Z At this point,

“Imma has just expressed an opinion: Beyonc কাছে is with R&B, JJ is with New York. That is why they are together. J-Z has never won the best rapper ever. Who ever put him at that stage? New York lost to Biggie, they needed a hero. They wanted to be the mecca of hip-hop, and they just handed it over to J-Z. You go back and you record transaction history and all that. Man, DMX was making 10-15 million an album. Remember, J-Z changed his name 3-4 times. “

Strategy Dad Her breakfast club interview continued that she never apologized for her comments because she didn’t feel she had to. He continued to share his unpopular views about the comedian, saying that he could not find Cat Williams Or Kevin Hart Ridiculous.

Do you share Trick Daddy’s opinion about Beyonc, Kevin Hart or Kat Williams? Let us know in the comments!

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