The 5 couples are still together before the 90-day season

A doji! Season 5’s 90 day engagement: 90 days ago There was no shortage of drama as Americans traveled abroad for the first time to personally fulfill their long-distance loves. Some couples end their journey in an engagement or marriage while others end their journey in a heartbreak. But which couple are still together and who have been separated since the shoot?

TLC fans were introduced to seven new couples, although the Season 5 cast has a familiar face. International superstar Uthman “Sojabay” Umar Previously starred in Season 4 of the hit reality TV series with his now-ex, Lisa “Baby Girl Lisa” Robinson (née Hamme). Nigerian rapper returns to season 5 when he records his journey to find love with an American girlfriend Kimberly “Queen Kim” MenziesWho came from California.

The rest of the cast round-out franchises are newcomers Ben Rathbun And Mahogany Roka, Ella Johnson And Johnny Chao, Gino Palazzolo And Jasmine Pineda, Mike Burke And Jimena Morales, Caleb Greenwood And Alina Kozevnikova And Memphis Smith And Hamza Makni.

A 52-year-old divorced father from Michigan has recorded his trip to Peru to meet Mahogany. The couple met three months before the filming and although they had never video chatted and Ben’s friends and family believed he was a catfish, he boarded his flight. After stopping at the airport, Ben finally met Mahogany in person – but their trip was full of excitement because they both dealt with the issue of confidence because no one seemed to be truthful about their past.

Ella is a 29-year-old Idaho woman who fell in love with her “Asian prince” Johnny. He met the father of a 34-year-old divorcee and Chinese man from Jinan on a dating site for white women looking for Asian men. However, the couple are the only cast members who have not actually met in person during their season because their travel plans were postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic. They were confronted with a cheating scandal after Ella confessed to hooking up with a friend under the pressure of her long-distance relationship with Johnny.

Gino, 51, and Jasmine, 34, a native of Michigan, enjoyed instant connection when they met for the first time since arriving in her native Panama. Although the couple had some explosive fights during their season, their trip ended with a romantic proposal.

Mike, 34, and Jimena, 24, were engaged to meet for the first time in person at the end of a New York native’s Columbia tour – since they had already split in the season finals.

Season 5 had a happy ending to the story line of Memphis and Hamza. Although the Michigan aboriginal love affair was hampered when she first traveled to her home country of Tunisia to meet him, the couple not only got engaged, but also tied the knot and learned that they were expecting their first child together as Memphis was pregnant.

In the case of Caleb and Alina, the 28-year-old Arizona native and 27-year-old made history because Alina was the first young person on the franchise’s cast. The beginning of their story is promising as they plan to meet in person for the first time since they met online as teenagers. Unfortunately, their connection did not translate personally and they apparently ended their season as just friends.

Keep scrolling down to find out 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Still together, married or divided.

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