The baby has been reportedly identified as the shooter of the intruder in his 2.3 million reply.

Yes baby

The Baby is identified as the intruder’s shooter at his $ 2.3 million North Carolina mansion

Yes baby (Real name) Jonathan KirkThe defendant is reported to have shot an intruder at his $ 2.3 million North Carolina mansion on Wednesday, April 13th.

The Baby Shooting

In a call to 911, a person is heard to say,

“I shot him in the leg.”

In response, the sender asks, “Okay, and why did you do it?The man on the other end of the line says,

“He is infiltrating my property. Calling my name. I don’t know why he came here. Take what he has here. He came here to do something, but was shot in the leg [and] He will remain neutral until you come here. “

During the call, the intruder was heard crying out in pain from the wound he was holding. Although the authorities have not confirmed it Yes baby The person who dialed 911 is being considered considering the situation.

A voice said Yes baby Says the man had to jump over a fence to gain access to his private football field. He asks the operator to “sound their siren” so that he knows how to “open the gate” when the police and ambulance come to help and get him off the property.

On the night of the shooting, the names and circumstances of those involved could not be revealed, according to a Facebook post from the Troutman Police Department. Read the post,

On 04/13/2022, around 1945, Troutman police officers responded to a report of a shooting at 135 Stillwater Road. Officers arrived at the scene where they found a man wounded in a non-life-threatening gunshot. The matter was transferred to a medical facility for treatment by Eredel County EMS. “

The Baby Shooting incident

Although this is being called an isolated incident, Yes baby He has built a reputation for how he handles situations with those he sees as aggressive or dangerous to himself and his family.

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