‘The Chi’ Actress Jasmine Davis Will Not Return To Season 5 For Apparently

Jasmine Davis

‘The Chi’ Actress Jasmine Davis Will Not Return To Season 5, Apparently Due To Disney’s Response To Anti-LGBTQIA + Act

Jasmine Davis He has stated that he will not return to “The Chi” this season.

Produced by Showtime Series Lena WaythLose one of their more diverse cast members as a trans actress Jasmine Davis Has announced that he will no longer participate in the show. Earlier this week, Jasmine Davis, 30, took her to Instagram to confirm her departure from production. In a post, he wrote:

“It simply came to our notice then. I will not be in season 5 of that shothechi and I will no longer be a part of #thechi / # disneyproduction.
Many thanks to my family and supporters who have embraced me on this journey.

The actress is adding #disneyproduction to the apparent address Disney Introduction Jasmine’s Exit earlier this year, Disney The execs fired after a so-called “soft” response from the Florida anti-LGBTQIA legislature.

Under the new law, the Florida governor is known as “Don’t Say Gay.” Ron Descentis It has made it illegal to discuss sex in public school classrooms, from kindergarten to third grade. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Disney Since then they have said they plan to do everything possible to fight the repatriation law.

Gabriel UnionWho has recently performed 6 Disney The re-imagined “cheap in Dajan” has also publicly criticized the network.

The 20th television, which is part of Disney Studios, produces “The Chi”. Season 5 of the show will air this June.


Do you watch “The Chi”? Are you upset to see Jasmine go? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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