The Florida man said Dwayne Huskins turned cars and trucks to avoid standing

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The tragic deaths of Pittsburgh Steelers and former Washington Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins have been revealed in more detail.

The 24-year-old athlete was hit by a dump truck and killed in a treacherous expansion of the I-595 on the Fort Lauderdale floor around 6:37 p.m. Saturday, April 9th.

The Florida Highway Patrol said Haskins “tried” to cross I-595 on foot when he was hit and was pronounced dead at the scene.

A Broward County man Says he saw Huskins He was hit a few minutes before the road. The man’s statement raised the question of whether Huskins flirted with death before killing him.

Chris Stanley had just dropped his daughter off at Fort Lauderdale Airport and was returning home on I-595 when he saw cars and trucks heading for his lane.

Stanley NBC6K said That he soon realized that vehicles were heading towards his lane to avoid hitting anyone in the street.

“And what I’ve noticed is a Mac truck, or a big tractor-trailer, as well as another vehicle that started to go a little to the left,” he said. “I was in the left lane and then there was the right lane, and then I noticed there was a person walking down the street their way.”

Stanley told NBC6 that he “saw the man’s arm raised” when he appeared to be “floating down the street.”

“He’s about a quarter of a lane in the right lane, already on the highway, and I was already worried that someone was going to hit him at that very moment,” Stanley said.

Stanley said he called 9-1-1 and call logs show that the 9-1-1 call was made at 6:31 a.m. Police say Huskins was hit and killed six minutes earlier.

The Florida Highway Patrol said an investigation into the traffic homicide was ongoing. The driver of the dump truck that hit Huskins was at the scene until police arrived. No complaints were filed.

Within hours of his death, friends and colleagues paid tribute to Haskins on Facebook.

A Facebook post noted that the NFL player fell into deep depression a few months before his death and that his death was “probably a suicide.” That post has since been deleted.

In her Final Instagram Comments In February, under a Valentine’s Day post from his wife, Calbra Huskins, Huskins wrote, “My storm helped me to be brighter forever. I love you Mami.”

There was a photo of her with Calabria’s post and Huskins was wrapped in a tight hug while sitting on her lap.

Pictures may be deleted


Humiliation The charge was dropped Colbra is accused of breaking her husband’s teeth during an argument in a hotel room. The couple has complained that Huskins was out late at the party with his friends.

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Statements from the Florida Highway Patrol conflict with reports that Huskins’ car broke down and he was walking for help. There were no disabled vehicles nearby, and officials said he would walk miles on the highway to reach places where pedestrians did not have access.

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