‘The Kardashians’ ABC Special: Check out the biggest bombshells

Kardashian family says it all! A few days before the premiere of their upcoming Hulu show, KardashiansWhich premiered on Thursday, April 14, the reality show Moguls sat down for an in-depth interview with ABC News. Robin Roberts.

From where Kim KardashianHer relationship with her ex-husband Connie “Yeah” West Status in the midst of ongoing drama Chris And Caitlin JennerTheir post-divorce relationship, the businessmen answered all the difficult questions.

When it comes to their broken marriage, Kim, 41, told News Anchor that her older children, North, 8, and St., 6, are “going on” with their parents, and the younger two, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2, “I don’t understand that much.”

“You have to be there for them. Whatever it is, even if we live this crazy life, you just have to have a truly open conversation with your kids,” explained the founder of SKIMS. We have to talk every day for the kids, so you know, I hate to play it that way. But when it comes to family, I mean, Kanye and I will always be family. “

After nearly seven years of marriage, Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021. Their breakup was chaotic from the start and it became even more public as they began a whirlwind romance with Kim. Pete Davidson. The pair went public after he hosted it Live Saturday night Towards the end of 2021 and has been heating up ever since. A judge declared Kim legally unmarried in March 2022.

“You want to take the high road and sometimes it’s hard,” Kim explained to Robin about her ex, noting that she was “always a champion of her telling the truth.”

However, things have become difficult for Kim as the “famous” musician continues to attack his new girlfriend online and through lyrics. Despite the drama, Keep up with the Kardashians Alam assured ABC News viewers that things between him and Pete were as real as possible.

“I’m definitely a relationship type girl, and I wouldn’t be with anyone if I didn’t plan to spend a lot of time with them,” Kim said of her current romance. “Of course, I want to take my time, but I am very happy and very satisfied. And it feels good to be at peace. “

Although will not be the focus of their relationship KardashiansKim said earlier Diversity That he “didn’t shoot” with Pitt for this season of Shore. That being said, viewers will see “how we met and who reached out to whom and how it happened and all the details that everyone wants to know.”

Scroll down the gallery for the biggest bomb shells from the Kardashian family’s ABC News special.

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