The Most Beautiful, Most Unique Celebrity Engagement Ring of 2022

They make it a ring! Many celebrities announced in 2022 that they will show the engagement ring that they will definitely spend a fortune. From Jeremiah Dugar And Hannah Wiseman Per Megan Fox And Kelly machine gunTheir new bling cut proves that they gave the jewelers a huge check!

In an Instagram video on January 12, MGK flashed her uniquely selected emerald and diamond ring, announcing her and Megan’s engagement.

“‘Yes, in this life and in every life’,” the “bad thing” artist captioned his post, explaining the meaning of his ring choice. “Under the branch we fell in love with, I brought her back to marry me. I know tradition is a ring, but I designed it Stephen Webster There must be two: the emerald (the stone of his birth) and the diamond (the stone of my birth) placed on two magnetic bands of thorns which come together as two parts of the same soul to form a vague heart which is our love. “

The jewelry designer provided more details about the custom ring in an Instagram post, revealing the design from her “No Regrets Chapel” collection.

“The design features two interlocking spine bands, one of two perfectly sized, pear-shaped gems on each side,” Stephen captioned the same video that MGK shared the day before. “Set of 18-carat white gold, set with colorless natural diamonds. The diamond is a D-colored antique cut and the emerald is a remarkably untreated Colombian gem. ”

Several experts have estimated the price of the ring, with Jenny LookerThe president of the Platinum Guild International USA, estimated that the ring was “at least $ 250,000”, where Andrew BrownDiamond expert and CEO of WP Diamond, estimates that such a ring “usually retails for about $ 115,000 to $ 125,000, but the Stephen Webster material obviously takes it to a completely different price point.”

On one side is the famous, sharp couple, Jeremiah And Hannah also made a strong start to 2022 with a romantic proposal in the jungle. Jeremiah One of the photos shared on Instagram on January 6 featured Hannah’s simple but beautiful diamond ring.

Scroll through the gallery to learn more about each celebrity’s expensive engagement ring.

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