The NutriSystem Partner Plan has helped the couple lose 80 pounds

Losing weight is always easier when someone in your corner encourages you – or in the case Lori Balderama And her husband, Oscar BalderramaSound pounding with you.

Married couples have found success using NutriSystem’s partner plan, which is designed for those who want to start a weight loss journey together. “The reason why NutriSystem attracted me to other programs was because it was so easy for us as a team to do it together,” Oscar explained. “The nutritional system has started to help us lose weight, and our motivation. And it was great to be programmed together; we actually owe each other – and the nutritional system – the credit for our success.”

How Couple Lori And Oscar Balderrama Lose A Combined 80 Pounds With Nutrition Systems Partner Plan
Nutrition system

Oscar and Laurie have lost 40 40 each since the partner plan began. Realizing that their eating habits were not ideal, they both decided to change, but their main goal was to improve their health for their three children. “I was actually a college athlete at one point, but I gained a lot of weight because we didn’t eat well,” Oscar said. “We probably ate four out of seven days a week.”

Laurie noticed that they were both putting on extra pounds after the birth of their child and she wanted to make sure she and Oscar were there for all their milestones. “We are beginning to realize that if we want to be there for them as we get older, we need to be healthy,” he explained.

The partner plan was attractive to Baldermas because it did not involve calorie counting or attending meetings. “The Nutricystem has created the most effective solution for me,” Laurie said. “Sticking to the program was easy – the customized food was really hungry, and the online tracking tools, journals and forums were addictive.”

How Couple Lori And Oscar Balderrama Lose A Combined 80 Pound With Nutriest System Partner Plan 3
Nutrition system

Oscar, for his part, liked the fact that the partner plan was something he and his wife could do together. “I knew it would only work if we did it as a team – and I was right!” He said Nearby. “I feel great! I don’t realize that weight loss can affect many aspects of your life. I’m happier than ever.”

Nutrition system before and after
Nutrition system

Oscar and Lorry before and after using Nurtrisystem’s partner plan.

The couple are now more satisfied with their appearance, but they are thrilled to have a more active lifestyle. “It’s almost like I’ve been living in a fog,” Lori recalled. “Now, I go swimming with my kids, I wear shorts, I coach my daughter’s volleyball team. I’m actually participating in my life instead of giving joy to everyone else. “

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