The Olivia Wild Coachella set supports Harry Style during 2022

She caresses him! Olivia Wilde Boyfriend has been seen to support Harry Styles Friday, April 15 during his title performance at Cochlela.

In a now-deleted video posted on Twitter, the Drinking Bodies actress was enjoying the show behind the stage while performing One Direction Alarm. Harry, 28, after seeing her, smiled at her and admitted that he had seen her.

Olivia, 38, wanted to be a fan girl মতো like the rest of us… so she did Jam Her men’s music in the crowd VIP section. Harry performed Hit One Direction’s song “What Makes You Beautiful” which drove the audience crazy. At that moment, Olivia was jumping up and down, obviously it was time for her life.

Midland was also an actress hang out With The Late Late Show Host James Corden And his son, Max, in the crowd.

Harry not only stunned the crowd with his performance but also brought out the county-pop star. Shania Twain The two performed as guest performers “Man! I feel like a woman, “and” you’re still one. ”

Don't blame him for falling in love!  Olivia Wilde supports Harry's style during the Cochela set

Shania, 56, is thrilled to see her performance Twitter Account, sharing how much he felt “honored” to be a part of the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s debut Kochella performance.

“Music icon. Fashion icon. And true friend,” he tweeted on Saturday, April 16th.What a magical moment !! And I mean … what a show I’m a huge fan of! Thankfully we were able to create this memory together – thank you Harry. “

Olivia enjoyed the amazing performance so much that she was seen putting down her drink so that she could dance without any restrictions.

The musician and actress came out in public with their romance in January 2021 when they were spotted together holding hands at a wedding. Their relationship began shortly after his breakup with his ex-fianc Jason Swedikis In November 2020.

Although the pair keep their relationship a secret, Olivia often meets Harry in the UK. Although they do not express their romance, Olivia is often seen wearing “Times Sign” artist jewelry and merchandise clothing.

In an interview with January 2022 EnjoyOlivia is open about why she doesn’t respond to talk about her relationship with the “as I am” artist.

This is clearly a temptation to correct a false narrative, “he explained. “But I think what you understand is that when you’re really happy, it doesn’t matter what strangers think of you. What matters to you is what is real, and what you love and who you love. “

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