The title of the first music festival after the Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy

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Travis Scott will travel outside the country to headline his first music festival 10 fans died At its Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas last November.

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The rapper was blacklisted after last year’s AstroWorld tragedy. He has been dropped from nearly a dozen festivals, including 2022 Kochella.

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Brazilian promoters are willing to give the insulted rapper a chance.

They booked Scott to perform at the Primavera Festival in Sওo Paulo on 6 November. He will perform in different versions of the festival on November 12 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and on November 13 in Santiago, Chile.

Other headliners include Björk, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Charli XCX and many more. MSN reports.

Scott’s career was not completely canceled. He will attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix event at the E11even nightclub in Miami on Saturday, May 7. But campaigners say he will not perform

He was recently booked a pre-Oscar party with the DJ and he performed 5 songs from a DJ booth at the Cochella Afterparty, according to Yahoo! News.

But it will take a long time for Scott to perform in concerts at major venues in the United States.

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