‘The ultimatum: get married or move on’ Couple: name, age, photo

Love is blind Fans, rejoice! Netflix is ​​back with a spinoff of the favorite dating series Ultimatum: Get married or move on.

The six couples are determined to change the status of their relationship in the new series, which premiered on the streaming giant on Wednesday, April 6. Basically, one of the partners is ready to get married, the other is not so sure. As a result, the partner who is willing to say “I do” has issued an ultimatum

Once the ultimatum is issued, couples will change partners with other participants for a trial marriage. Will the absence make the heart a fan … or vice versa?

In the same way Love is blindEpisode of Ultimatum: Get married or move onHosted by Nick And Vanessa Latche, Hang. Episodes 1-8 will be available to steam on Wednesday, April 6, while episodes 9 and 10 will be available to stream on Wednesday, April 13.

Although Ultimatum: Get married or move on And Love is blind Share matches, they still test very differently. “It sounds weird, but the spots look a little too much The Ultimatum Because they’re people who’ve been together for a while, “Nick, 48, said in an interview And! News.

“The emotional turmoil in the room was obvious, as you can feel it, it was an emotional roller coaster,” the former boybander teased. “And we were in it.”

Where participants Love is blind Didn’t Really There is something to lose, the same cannot be said for this new couple! “It simply came to our notice then. I think there was a lot of emotion, “Nick added. “On everyone Love is blind So excited they are all there for the same reason: they want to find love. So, it was a different dynamic. “

We can’t wait to see how the test unfolds – for better or for worse!

Scroll down the gallery below to meet the Netflix cast Ultimatum: Get married or move on.

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