TI Bodd on stage during a Barclays performance, then tells Michael Blackson: I


TI stirs up the stage during the Barclays performance, then tells Michael Blackson: I like it!

Looks like this crowd wasn’t a fan TI’s The joke is the joke

The newly found comedian was recently raised on stage during a show in New York.

He has been a popular rapper for a few months TI’s Wife, Tamica “Little” Harris, Revealed his journey in the field of comedy. The 41-year-old musician has appeared in a few small comedy factories, but recently took part in the April Full Comedy Jam at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn – a much bigger stage. The show features such well-known comedians Nick Cannon, B. Simon, Michael Blackson, Rip Michaels And more


During the show, fans began sharing clips of the “Live Your Life” artist, apparently being hacked by audience members.

At one point in one of the videos, a participant is seen physically staring at the rap star.

Southern rapper co-starred with fellow Jokster on Instagram Live Michael Blackson. After asking if it feels good to gossip, TI Feedback:

“Yeah! I like it!”

He continued:

“I didn’t think they were scolding me, I thought they were scolding me. ‘I dare you to have more fun … I dare you to overcome it, I dare you to do better.’ I think they challenged me and I did. “


TI Reveals jokes that turn off critics. He explained that he had asked the crowd to raise their hands if they heard a word they did not understand and he would define it. Continuing, he says:

“Usually when the hand is extended and I offer their definition, there is laughter and joy. At this particular time, the word Barclays was anonymous. Someone raised their hand and I said thank you … because everyone else wanted to know the definition but didn’t want to raise their hand. Being anonymous is the act of being anonymous. “

He continued:

“As soon as I define, annoyed.”

Although some bow to the pressure of annoyed spectators, TI Explain how he managed to complete his set. He shares such fellow comics Dave Chappell And Michael Blackson She herself prepares him for the moment, warns him that no matter what he thinks, at some point he will be hacked.

Looks like they knew.

Do you see a bright future for TI’s comedy career? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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