TI says ‘no stopping’ after Major New York time scandal


TI says ‘no stopping’ after being booed during New York’s major stand-up show

It will take a lot more than some negative feedback TI Off stage

As previously reported, the “inspiration” rapper was scolded on stage during the April Full Comedy Jam at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday, April 9th. Eddie Griffin, Nick Cannon, B. SimonAnd Michael Blackson.

Despite his recent experience of the first comedy bombing, TI On Monday, April 11, he took to Instagram to tell his 14.2 million followers and fans that it “can’t stop it.” In his caption, he said,

“Less than 24 hours later. Back on stage. Again in the arena. Smiling back, doing what I love.
There is no stopping it sh * t. It’s God’s will… so it will be done আমি I know it’s not worth posting again because we live in a world where we can see the fall of a star rather than the sight of a shining one. Hahaha[M]Afia Life “

The clip he shared came from an event the next day (Sunday, April 10).

After the bombing, TI Revealed that he scolded while chatting with “love” Michael Blackson During an IG live session. He also explained what made the audience unhappy. He said

“Usually when the hand is extended and I offer their definition, there is laughter and joy. At this particular time, the word Barclays was anonymous. Someone raised their hand and I said thank you … because everyone else wanted to know the definition but didn’t want to raise their hand. Being anonymous is the act of being anonymous. As soon as i [gave] Definition, booed. “

TI, Lauren Knight

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