Tichina Arnold wants to stop the debauchery of black men in America

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Actress Tichina Arnold, who played Chris Rock’s ball-breaking mother in the TV series “Everyone hates famine”America has a mission to save black men.

Tichina is concerned about the challenges facing black men in America.

On Wednesday, the 52-year-old single mother tweeted: “Honest question: What can we black American women do to stop helping black men in America?”

Some of the reactions from his 735K Twitter followers were largely fake.

One male follower wrote: “Lord, you are not. Well you must first stop thinking that black men are being humiliated in America.”

One female follower tweeted: “We as black women are not responsible for the image that black women have created for themselves. I hope people will stop imposing this responsibility on us.”

And a third follower wrote: “You can’t be serious. You mean the same people are killing us, killing us. [trans & cis] Most every year, street harassment, and protecting rapists at every turn? Is our art glorifying violence? Who made the broken house? And we emasculating? GURL ….. it’s not. “

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Tichina has divorced the assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors Dariko Hines He is accused of having a sex tape with another woman and after the tape somehow leaked on the internet.

Tichina has a daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins18, with music producer Carvin Haggins.

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