Tiffany, Ronald GF back together after split

Make it work. 90 day engagement They Tiffany Franco And Ronald Smith “Fully back” after separation from his girlfriend Lauren FraserA source says exclusively In contact.

The news comes amid speculation that Tiffany, 29, posted a screenshot of a video chat with Ronald, 30, via her Instagram story on Sunday, April 10, and that the couple is completely back together after the deletion. Tiffany was seen lying on a pillow with her eyes closed when she closed her eyes and placed her head on his arm.

Shortly before Tiffany’s consultative photo, Ron also deleted his previous posts featuring his girlfriend on social media. As In contact As previously reported, she went on Instagram with Lorraine in November 2021, parting ways with Tiffany. “Let me introduce you to the new person in my life @ LaurenLitonfraser. You picked me up when I was down!” Ronald gave a favorite tick-up caption posted via Instagram at the time. “You are the true pillar of me. I admire you and who you are! You are such a support to me and every moment with you is so happy and joyful that I enjoy every moment you are in my life. Thank you for being a part of my life.” Thank you. “

Earlier that month, In contact Exclusively expressed that me 90 Day Engagement: After Happiness? After the public fight and breakup, the alumni split for good. “We’re leaving it,” Ron said In contact At the time, she claimed she had applied for a divorce.

However, In contact Confirmed in January 2022 that Ron and Tiffany had reunited and that despite their relationship with Lorraine their divorce had ended and they were “working” with their family.

The couple, who met Tiffany during a vacation in South Africa with mutual friends, made their TLC 1 season debut. 90 Day Engagement: Another Way In 2019. At the time, Tiffany was planning to move from Maryland to South Africa with her son Daniel from a previous relationship to start a life with Ronald. The couple got married during their season and Tiffany quickly learned that she was pregnant and expecting their first child together. However, Tiffany felt it would be best for her to return to the United States to give her children more opportunities, and she planned to file for Ron’s CR-1 visa, aka “special visa,” so that she could travel to the United States and grow up. Their family together.

That July, Tiffany gave birth to their daughter, Carly. They are back in the franchise for season 4 90 Day Engagement: Now What? And limited series 90 Day Engagement: Self-Detached, Where they opened up about their marital problems that arose from problems of trust and communication between their long-distance marriages, as well as Ronald’s previous gambling addiction. They tried to solve their problems by counseling the couple. By the time they are back for season 6 90 Day Engagement: After Happiness? In April 2021, their marriage was in a really bad place.

While documenting the high and low of their relationship on TV, there was no shortage of drama between Tiffany and Ronald in real time as they had several fights and split on social media, then came back together several times. However, it seems the couple was able to work through their differences.

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