Timeline of the relationship between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

What a whirlwind! Khalo Kardashian And Tristan ThompsonAt the very least, its relationship has been strained. A lot happened between them after their romantic reunion a year ago until their second breakup in June 2021, after cheating on her with a fitness instructor. Marali Nichols. Tristan and Marali will then welcome a baby together.

The pair first joined in 2016 and have been on the roller coaster of passion ever since. The pair cheated on their mother after announcing that they were expecting their first child, daughter True Thompson, when the NBA star was nine months pregnant. Although Coco was deeply hurt by the athlete’s activities, he decided to give her another chance.

In a tragic turn of events, the now-Sacramento Kings were players Caught cheating With Good American Founder Kylie Jenner Good friend Jordin Woods, In contact Confirmed in February 2019 The couple decided to separate just 10 months after the basketball star first fought infidelity

Following the couple’s breakup, Tristan did his best to return to Khloé’s goodwill, including giving her a fabulous gift and blowing up all her Instagram photos. At first, Khalo was hesitant to let Tristan get back into his life.

The former flame has finally made their way to better conditions. In March 2020, a source said In contact Only TrueIts parents were “getting better” than before.Self-isolation“In Coronavirus worldwide.

Another source exclusively said, “They look like a happy, loving family.” In contact. Even Chris Jenner The former pair was satisfied that they got into close quarters at the time. “[Kris] A silver lining can be seen in the case of Khaloi, ”the insider explained. “He likes that Tristan and Kholo are together under one roof.”

“Both Chris and Kholo see the changes in Tristan,” the insider revealed. However, “this could all change when the quarantine ban is lifted.”

Tristan Coco was seen to be straight and narrow when he won. A third source said in June In contact KoKo “really believes” the athlete has “changed” after his infamous cheating scandal.

When paired “[had] Done Trying to work [out] Them [differences] For a moment, the “insider revealed that Kholo was really worried about going public with his revived romance. He was afraid the reaction would make it and he [doesn’t] I want to hear everyone’s opinion. “

The insider added, “He takes everything to heart – all tweets, IG comments, etc. – and he reads everything.”

However, amid rumors of an engagement, Khalo reveals their relationship KUWTK Reunion in June 2021 and even revealed that they are trying to conceive child No. 2 through surrogacy.

“I know he has grown and worked. I know all the help he has received, and the hard work he has put in every day, and how hard he has fought to get back to me now. ” Revenge Body Host explained. “I don’t understand why anyone would go through all this if they weren’t really serious.”

However, their reunion was short-lived. While with Khloe, Tristan began an ongoing relationship with Marali, conceiving their child in March 2021.

After filing a paternity lawsuit against former personal trainer Tristan in June 2021, the NBA player responded by admitting that the couple had sex at the time he claimed but requested a paternity test. News of the paternity case gave birth to a son about 1 December after Marali.

Eventually, Tristan confirmed that he was the father. “Today, the results of the paternity test revealed that I had given birth to a child with Marali Nichols. I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to raising our son in a friendly manner, “he wrote in a statement issued in December 2021.” I sincerely apologize to those who have hurt or offended me publicly and personally throughout this ordeal. “

Tristan went to address Kholo in person. “Come on, you don’t deserve it. You do not deserve the pain and humiliation I inflicted on you. You are not worthy of the way I have treated you over the years, “he said, adding that” my actions are certainly not in line with the way I see you. I have the highest [sic] Respect and love for you. Regardless of what you may think. Again, I’m incredibly sorry. “

Khloé later addressed where he stood with his ex, he said Good morning America Wednesday, April 6, that he does not have a strong feeling towards her.

“With Tristan, I felt incredibly safe at first and for a while I felt really good,” he told Anchor. Robin Roberts. “I still think he’s a great guy and he’s a great dad. He is not just a man for me. “

When Robin asked Kholo what he and his siblings wanted in the relationship, the television personality replied, “I think, at the end of the day, we all want to be happy. We want to feel happy, we want to feel safe.”

Look back at the timeline of this dramatic couple’s dramatic relationship below.

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