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That couple filmed a show together! Reality TV has ended a lot of relationships, but these two are still getting stronger, the camera and all.

Melissa Gorga And her husband, Joe GorgaTheir TV debut during Season 3 The real housewife of New JerseyWhich was broadcast in 2011 The Bravo franchise has a reputation for testing even the strongest marriages, but Gorgas has dismissed them all – including a once-in-a-lifetime epidemic.

In February 2022, Love the Italian style The author says exclusively Our weekly That coronavirus quarantine was tough for him and Joe, but they turned out to be stronger than before. “We’re doing great,” the Bravo personality said of her husband, whom she married in 2004. “The epidemic was a little rough. I think it conveyed a lot of real feelings to us.”

After talking, however, they came to a new understanding of each other. “We’re much better off now,” he explained. “It simply came to our notice then.

Todd Crisley And Julie CrisleyWho tied the knot in 1996, anchored on a USA reality show Crisley knows best Since 2014. “I knew I fell in love with her the moment she went to my friend’s house: I met her that first night,” said the Georgia resident. Us Speaking of his wife in February 2022. “And the moment he walked into the room, before and since, it was the only time I could breathe anything other than walking by a mirror.”

In addition to filming a reality show together, Chrysler has embarked on another journey as a couple: weight loss. “I’ve been partnering with NutriSystem for several years now, and I’m officially down 30 pounds,” says Julie. Us In January 2022. “It simply came to our notice then. It has really been a lifestyle change for me because I love to cook and I love to eat. When Todd saw that I was getting results, he decided to join me in a partnership plan. “

The family patriarch, for his part, lost about 18 pounds after gaining some extra weight during the epidemic-related lockdown. He credited his wife with helping him stay on track by taking control of his health.

“I think Julie and I always know we’re good together, but we’re better at this weight because we have a responsibility to each other,” Todd said. Us At the time “I think we were very successful with the partner plan and what Nutricist gave us because I lost 18 pounds. I am now two and a half pounds less than I graduated in 1986.

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