Trey Sange has been cleared in a Las Vegas sexual harassment case

Tray Sanj A Las Vegas sexual harassment investigation has been officially cleared! Las Vegas Metro. The police department issued a statement on Friday (April 8):

“The LVMPD has completed its investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Tremaine Neverson and has decided that no criminal charges will be filed. The case will be reopened for further investigation if any new evidence comes to light.”

Trey Sons – Jasmine Brand

Tray’s lawyer-David Chesnoff And Richard Seanfeld Sources said they “Happy” With results.

“We are grateful to the LVMPD for its work on the professional police and their thorough investigation, which has uncovered inconsistencies in witness testimony and insufficient evidence. We’re glad that Tray is doing what he can to make it better. ”

As previously reported, the alleged incident took place in November 2021 Of Trey Sons On his 37th birthday, he invited a group of women to his hotel room in Cosmopolitan. This is what the law enforcement officials are demanding Tray Sanj The investigation was fully co-ordinated at the time and no arrests were made.

Although the “Love Face” singer may be clear in this regard, this is not the first time he has been accused of sexual harassment. In 2021, Tray Sanj And a woman who allegedly sexually assaulted a singer at a Miami nightclub has reached a settlement in her $ 10 million lawsuit against him. He sued her for 10 million for assault, battery and intentional mental anguish.

At the beginning of this year, a woman named Md Zahura Jefferis He filed a 20 million lawsuit against the singer, claiming he raped her during a party in Los Angeles in 2016. The case is still ongoing.

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