Trump says the queen should strip Meghan and Harry of all royal titles

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Donald Trump Not fans The Duke of Sussex, England, and his wife, Megan Merkel. Former United States President Queen Elizabeth II has demanded that Harry and Megan Merkel revoke all their royal titles for disrespecting the throne.

Trump described the Duke of Sussex as “whipped like someone I don’t think I’ve ever seen” (except Will Smith). He added that Meghan was taking Harry by the nose.

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Trump told British journalist Pierce Morgan: “Harry has been flogged – you know the expression, flogged? I won’t use the full expression. But Harry has been flogged in a way I’ve never seen. I’m not a fan. Megan, I’m a fan. No, and I wasn’t right from the start.

Trump’s comments came after Harry and Meghan stopped in England to meet the Queen before attending her Invictus Games in the Netherlands. This was their first public appearance in England as they denied their responsibilities and fled to Canada and then to America in search of fame.

America did not welcome Harry and Megan with open arms. Their Netflix content has been described as “annoying” and the public has done it Showed little interest In their Spotify podcast.

Britain is still angry with Harry Did not participate Memorial service to his grandfather Prince Philip last month. Prince Philip died of natural causes on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99.

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