Twitter responds to Tyra Banks’ new TV series about teenage drag queens

Pictures may be deleted

YouTube / Discovery +

Moving on from Tyra Banks Dance with the stars Rumor has it that ABC will not renew its contract.

According to Daily BeastTyra is making a new television series titled Teenage Drag Performers “Pull Generation” For Discovery +.

Pictures may be deleted

YouTube / Discovery +

Some of the children in the series are about 13 years old.

“Generation Drag focuses on the five children নো Noah, Jameson, Winnie, Bailey and Nabella — and their families. Next, meet with Drag Community mentors and, at the end of the day, stop the runway on their own. “

The news sparked a backlash from Twitter users who said Tyra was “terrible” to her long-running series competitors. “America’s Next Best Model.”

One contestant described his time on the show as a “psychological battle.”

Doctors report that transgender youth and others with sex dysphoria have a higher suicide rate (over 46%). The public is concerned that Tyra’s face-to-face criticism may be too difficult for some young people to handle.

One Twitter user wrote: “He wants to give traumatic experiences to young people right now.”

Another user tweeted: “Isn’t it a consensus that America’s next top model’s young self-esteem has skyrocketed? Now they want to keep teenagers with her?”

And a third person tweeted: “Not homophobic : | You can’t be serious. “

Tyra will not appear in the trailer below.

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