Unusual children names of 2022 stars: Unique Celebrity Monikers

A new year has come up with brand new and unique names for celebrity kids. From naming glamorous locations to paying homage to favorite film characters, there are lots of star kids playing unusual monikers.

Jenny Mai And husband Gigi January 11 welcomes their first birth, later revealing that they have a daughter. Original The host shared that the couple named their baby Monaco, after the Reggie kingdom near the French Riviera. It’s a position that “changed their lives forever,” because that’s where Ginny and Gigi first discussed their life goals.

“I thought Baby J’s name should be a J’s name because obviously Jenny and Gigi mean something, but we didn’t have the name that came up,” the new mother shared on her Hello Hunai YouTube channel as she spoke from her baby’s nursery, where “Monaco” decorates the wall in white letters.

“What really came to our minds was how baby Jay was for us when we were dating. This is really the nursery theme: what about Monaco. The family, the moments, the travels, the discussions, the most important things in my life and the important things in Gigi’s life that brought Monaco here, “explained Host.

Another couple who needed to clarify their baby’s unusual name Ashley Iconetti And Jared Hibbon. Bachelor Nation darlings have already chosen their son’s name before his February 2022 deadline.

During an Amazon live session from Baby Nursery on January 18, the couple revealed that their son’s name will be Dawson Demitri Hiben. But the pair wanted to make sure fans knew it had nothing to do with the iconic early autumn teen drummer, Dawson’s creek.

Jared explained that Leonard DiCaprio1997 character Titanic, Jack Dawson, “One of Ashley’s loves.” Ashley added that being a fan of the actor, “it’s very natural for us to name a child after the character Leo.” There is no special meaning behind their son’s middle name, as it is only a moniker that the couple liked and agreed to.

Scroll down to see the celebrities who have chosen unique and unusual names for their kids in 2022!

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