Video footage disputed DaBaby’s claim that he shot a man in self-defense

Pictures may be deleted

Screencap: YouTube

New video footage shows rapper Dabby at the North Carolina Walmart store in 2018 sparking a fight that left one customer dead.

Dabby, real name Jonathan Kirk, claims he shot 19-year-old Jillian Craig in self-defense. But Footage never seen before Shows that the rapper threw the first punch.

Dababi claims that he was approached by two young men who threatened him with a gun while he was shopping with his then-girlfriend and their children.

However, Footage Craig’s best friend Henry Douglas sucks and punches and shows the rapper as the primary attacker.

After DaBaby punches Douglas, Craig is seen pulling a gun from his waistband, but then returns it before he can get out of the frame.

The video ends when DaBaby shoots Craig, who escapes into a corridor and collapses where doctors declare him dead.

Kirk told police he shot Craig in self-defense and to protect his family. Since the dead could not speak – and a weapon was found near Craig’s body – police believed the problematic rapper.

“I think they put it under the rug,” said Craig’s mother, Lavanda Hersley. Rolling stone. “[DaBaby] He knows what he has done. I’m not doing it for the sake of fame or anything, because at the end of the day, Jillian Craig is gone. “

He added: “When I found out that my son had been killed, everything came up from under my feet and came out of me. I never knew your body could feel that way.”

DaBaby was convicted in June 2019 of carrying a secret weapon without permission.

The rapper returned to the blog headline this weekend when he spoke with one of his own artists, a Charlotte rapper named Wisdom.

According to XXL Magazine, scattered rapper Wisdom clashes backstage at the South Jam Festival in Columbus on Friday, April 22nd.

Pictures may be deleted


As seen in the footage of the fight, DaBaby first punches the two fighters before being separated by a security guard.

In a related news, a Twitter user claimed that DaBaby almost shot a colleague who went to the rapper’s house to fix her.

The user tweeted that DaBaby overheard a conversation between his brother and the wire man and assumed that his brother had been threatened.

The Twitter user wrote: “My coworker went to fix her wiring problem and to talk to her brother about the fight and gesture, Da Baby thought they were squatting and almost popped off at my co-worker but her brother calmed her down.

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