Viola Davis recalls hearing that black actors thought she wasn’t beautiful enough

Viola Davis

Viola Davis recalls hearing that black actors thought she was not good enough to “survive the murder.”

In his forthcoming memoirs, Find Me: A Memoir, Viola Davis Reveals that he has received criticism about his appearance from other black actors.

The 56-year-old actress revealed that after casting her ‘How to get rid of murder ‘, He faced investigation from fellow black actors for his physical appearance due to being black skinned. The experience is a long detail New York Times Profile where Viola Davis After listening to many black actors / actresses, when a friend approached her, she remembered that

“She is OK [viola] It wasn’t nice enough to pull. “

When Viola Davis Dealing with racist and anti-black comments in the past, this experience was a bit difficult to process because of the negative comments coming from his own people.

Viola Davis

In the memoir, Davis also reflects his childhood experience with racism, describing a black anti-attack that happened when he was in third grade. He explained that he was often chased home in Central Falls, Rhode Island, by a group of boys who regularly insulted him, hurled stones and bricks at him.

On this particular day, the group physically grabbed him and some boys pinned his weapon, the leader of the group – who was as black as he was though he identified himself as Portuguese for distinguishing himself from African Americans – called him ugly and one. “Black f ** King” N-word. When young Viola Davis Replied, “You’re black too! ” He punched her.

Fortunately, Davis took the job and proved everyone wrong, despite the negative comments from his Hollywood colleagues. Viola Davis Appeared as an analysis kit on ABC How to escape murder From 2014-2020. For her performance, Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Viola Davis Memoirs Find Me: A MemoirAvailable April 26!

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