Viola Davis was ‘terrified’ as Michelle Obama in the new TV series

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Viola Davis is said to be “devastated” by the public reaction to Michelle Obama’s honest character in a new showtime series that debuted on Sunday, April 17th.

Black Twitter users Keep pulling Oscar winner after playing the former First Lady’s “insulting” character in “The First Lady”.

Davis starred alongside actor Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford and Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt in a TV series that documented the personal lives of former first ladies.

Twitter users were outraged by Davis’ “offensive” and “misleading” portrayal after episode 1 aired on Sunday.

Pictures may be deleted

Screencap: YouTube

For some reason, while playing the role of former President Barack Obama’s wife, Davis pushed his lips and made strange facial expressions.

Earlier in an interview Vanity Fair Magazine, Davis, 56, said he was “nervous” and “horrified” about the 58-year-old’s performance.

“There’s a lot of fear that I’ve messed up Michelle Obama’s character,” Davis said at the April 14 premiere screening of the series.

“She’s an icon. Everyone knows what she looks like and what she looks like, so I’m terrified. But I’m mostly terrified of what she’ll think. I don’t want to insult her and she doesn’t want to call me. I have to. “

However, viewers say Davis has made Michelle Obama smaller in a cartoon caricature.

One Twitter user wrote: “IDC deserves 100% of what she is getting now for portraying how great an actress Viola Davis is.”

Another user tweeted: “Don’t be defensive when they start pulling Viola Davis for that role … you all open the door to disrespect.”

And a third person wrote: “Everyone was crazy about Viola Davis playing Michelle Obama, but the only thing highlighted is her disgusting lips … they got Michelle wrong.”

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