Wendy Williams finds her niece months after she kept a low profile

Wendy Williams and her niece Alex Finney

Wendy Williams finds brother / niece after months of low profile due to health problems

To see Wendy Williams He has been recovering since leaving the talk show program due to health problems.

Wendy WilliamsThe 57-year-old has been out of work for several months due to ongoing health problems, including Graves’ disease and a fight with Kovid. However, it seems that the famous talk show host is doing much better! On April 13, his niece Alex Finney took to Instagram to show love to his “relative” soul aunt, Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams and her niece Alex Finney

Alex Finney shared multiple photos via his Instagram page of him and his aunt looking happy, healthy and stylish with their combined boots and designer bags in the cold city of New York. He captioned the post,

“My cousin’s soul. I love us.”

In one of the heartbreaking images shared online, the media personality is seen holding a book on a comfortable sofa and kicking him in the leg, lying next to his designer coat.

According to reports, Wendy Williams Many have developed good eating habits, abstained from alcohol, and are no longer confined to wheelchairs. In addition, the report further claims that her legs were as swollen as before as she prepared for her alleged return to her talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show”.

Wendy Williams

Williams Has not hosted the popular series since July 2021. He had earlier told his fans in a phone interview that his health was “very good” and that he would return to TV. Before being seen in New York recently, a source claimed that the host would return to the city “soon” after recovering in Florida with his family.

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