Wendy Williams is reportedly planning a career comeback: ‘You’ll see a lot more

Wendy Williams is reportedly planning a career comeback: ‘You’ll see a lot more of her’

We may have seen many more Wendy Williams Soon.

Wendy Williams, 57, was out of the spotlight for several months as he struggled with his health. But according to a report, he has made great strides and is looking forward to “a big comeback on TV.”

He was heard giving details of his plans to a TV personality Baruk Shemtov April 13 when they were having dinner in New York City. A source said:

“She is OK. When you listen to her … anyone who has known her for years knows that they are getting a Wendy who is ready to work. She is in very good shape. “

Wendy Williams

At one point, the report claims Wendy Williams He became dependent on a wheelchair, but the insider said he was now walking around on his own. They shared:

“He was great looking. No one was helping him. It was very different from what we saw in the wheelchair. He was walking on his own. No one helped him get in his car. He climbed right inside and it was a suburb.”

The source also gave this information Williams Will be in New York “for the foreseeable future” after dealing with health problems in Miami for the past few months, including Graves’ disease.

“He’s planting his roots in New York and you’ll see a lot more of him,” they said.

“She is OK. She is enjoying life again. He retired for a while and now he is ‘with the new over the old.’ It’s like a rebirth. “

But first, Williams There are rumors that he is trying to get his money back together. It was previously reported that Wells Fargo had frozen its bank account for concerns of “financial exploitation, dementia or unwanted effects”. Bank label Williams As a “disabled person” and argues that he needs guardianship But Williams Disagree he is now fighting the matter in court.

The source explained that his problems with Wells Fargo were his first priority, explaining:

“The main thing right now is finances. That’s his focus. Things have to work. He’s back on TV and he’s getting his money back.

Wendy Williams show

Williams She withdrew from her self-titled daytime talk show in July 2021 due to health problems. Guest hosts met for her, but in February, when she had not yet returned to work, it was decided to cancel her show. Sherry ShepherdIts famous talk show will take its place in autumn.

Sherry Shepherd

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