‘What about Britney?’ WNBA fans have signed a petition to release the WNBA star after Trevor

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News of the US / Russia prisoner exchange that released former US Marine Trevor Reid drew mixed reactions on social media.

The U.S. State Department this week switched to a Russian drug lord for Reed.

Reed’s Go back to US soil Celebrations were met, but WNBA fans expressed frustration that the Biden administration did not include Britney Greener in return.

WNBA All-Star is still being held in a Russian prison and is now one of two high-profile U.S. citizens detained in Russia.

Brittany Petition at Change.org The Phoenix Mercury Center has grown to about 80,000 signatories, urging the administration and others to do nothing more to free it.

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Greener’s petition is one of the fastest growing on the Change.org site this year.

The 31-year-old was arrested after arriving at Moscow airport in February. Officials say they have found an oiled vape cartridge from a cannabis plant.

Greener is stuck in pretrial until May 19. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Greener’s wife, Cheryl Greener, expressed joy for Reed’s family in a post on Instagram.

“I don’t know them personally, but I feel the pain of holding your loved one abroad. That level of pain is constant and can only be remedied by returning to a safe country. For the Reed family, that day is today.”

One Twitter user wrote: “I’m so happy for Trevor Reid and his family! However, we need to do the same for Brittany Greener.”

“What about Britney Greener?” Another tweeted.

“Britney Grinner couldn’t be released ???” The third person asked.

“Why is it so difficult to bring Brittany Greener home ??? … The United States has let go of a Russian drug lord. You thought the Marines and Brittany would be a good trade for the United States,” added another.

The WNBA season will begin on May 6, and Britney Greener will not be there, “writes publicist Alaina Curry.”

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