What ‘Counting On’ Alums Wear Pool

Duggers can relax their dress code year after year, but don’t expect to see any of them in bikinis anytime soon.

The family’s commitment to modesty extends even to their swimsuits, which means they are more likely to wear long skirts and T-shirts to the beach than anything else.

When Jill Dillard The mold can be broken by modeling more modern bathing suits on her Instagram, while everyone else is still pretty buttoned up.

Families don’t actually hit the beach often. Now in a July 2020 episode canceled To countParents Jim Bob And Michelle Dugar Revealed that some of their children did not even learn to swim. Granddaughter Felicity took her first swimming lesson, Jingar Bhulo He has also started learning.

“I have a friend who teaches me to swim,” he explained on the show. “She learned from a trainer how to teach her kids, and so she’s teaching me.”

Jim Bob explained that his first few kids all took lessons, but the practice faded when there were more kids to keep an eye on. Zinger, the sixth Dugar kid, never had a chance to learn formally.

As the family got older they eventually moved into a house with a pool and some small kids learned there. For the middle kids, well, they were out of luck. “There are some of them who probably don’t really feel comfortable getting into the water,” Michelle said.

In the past, dugouts had a tendency to stay away from beaches and public lakes for the most part.

Although they occasionally enjoyed the day in the water, they made a point of avoiding situations where male family members might be deceived by seeing a woman dressed in such a way that it “aroused desire that could not be fulfilled religiously.” This meant that any trip to the beach where they could see someone in a tankini was very rare and was in between.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average DIY-loving family.

Following their time on the show, dugouts have often hit beaches and lakes. In February 2021, Jesse Sewald (Ni Dugar) Shared a family photo of their trip to Florida.

Posting a picture of a beach, Jesse, who was wearing a long flowing skirt, captioned, “We traveled to Florida for a friend’s wedding last weekend, and ended up taking a short vacation outside of our trip! The kids were amazed at the beauty of the beach!

Meanwhile, Jana Duggar Gives a glimpse of his journey to Beaver Lake, Arkansas, sharing a photo of him apparently jet skiing in a red shirt and shorts. “Looks like summer !!” He captioned the series a picture.

Jill, on the other hand, has gone so far as to partner with her favorite “Swimwear Favorite Activewear Company” and even modeled the swimwear in a September 2021 post.

Check out the gallery below to get a glimpse of where the former TLC stars went swimming and what they wore.

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