Where are the ‘Teen Mom’ stars now? The show’s alumni, Access Today

MTV’s hit reality series Teenage mother And its spinoff has been circulating for over a decade. While some cast members have appeared on the show year after year, the presence of others has been short-lived.

The show premiered on December 8, 2009 as a spin-off of MTV’s hit show 16 and pregnant. It is listed in Life Farah Abraham, Caitlin Lowell, Amber Portwood And Massey bookoutAll of whose fans met in Season 1 16 and pregnant. The show ran from 2009 to 2012 and returned in 2015 Teenage mother Ozzy. It also sparked spinoffs Adolescent mother 2 And Adolescent mother: Family reunion.

It has been airing for the last 12 years, with cast members coming and going on reality shows.
Ex Teenage mother Star Bristol Palin Announced that he was going away TMOG April 2019 and has been enjoying trends in other areas of her life ever since.

Teenage mother Ozzy Not suitable for me, it took away my peace… and to be honest আমার my peace has a value that no one but God can bear. [Money] It doesn’t affect me, I don’t entertain BSK, and the God who walked away from the show allows me (and my little family) to rebuild in the right way, “Bristol wrote in an Instagram post at the time.

As for Farrah, she continued to act Teenage mother The franchise lasted until the middle of Season 7 in 2017, when he was fired by MTV for dabbing into the adult entertainment industry while working on the show. He has since launched a podcast and published a book.

Mackenzie Edwards And her husband, Ryan EdwardsRyan’s father, Larry, who was fired from the reality series in March 2021, released the information after the reunion of Season 9. During the exciting special time, Larry and Ryan’s mother, Jane, got into a verbal argument with Ryan’s ex-Macy over meeting Bentley.

Chelsea Hauska He left the reality series in November 2020 after 10 seasons, citing his daughter Aubrey as one of the reasons he decided to leave the show.

“There was a conversation that Aubrey and I had occasionally, and there came a point where I was just worried because I didn’t want him to ever be like that, he couldn’t tell me anything because it would be publicized. To millions of people or whatever. Why not, ”Chelsea told EK! May 2021 news.

The Reality Star then concluded that it “finally kind of pushed me that I decided to move on and leave that chapter of life.”

General Evans Her husband was later fired from the show in the middle of Season 9 David Ison Their family dog ​​was shot dead. The couple had multiple scandals that led to Janelle’s dismissal, including numerous inspections of child protection services. David was fired earlier Adolescent mother 2 After posting homophobic tweets in 2018.

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