Where is Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Bear now?

About five years have passed Teenage mother Ozzy Star Amber Portwood Divided from the accused “con artist” Matt BearHowever, he has left an impression that fans will never forget.

The pair started dating in 2014 after sliding on her Twitter DM and shortly after, she joined the cast. Unfortunately after several scandals, fraud allegations and a very memorable polygraph test, the couple called for it to be dropped and Matt did not appear on the MTV series. Since their separation in 2017.

Keep scrolling down to find out what Amber’s former Matt has so far.

What is the reason for the split of Amber Portwood from Matt Bear?

Their relationship was strained from the start, but Amber confirmed the engagement rumors in March of the following year.

“It’s not perfect, but we’re very happy to be together,” Amber said And! News At the time “I never thought I would find someone else who could make me feel loved again, honestly. I love her more than anyone else. “

“Boo Boo loves her. They have this natural connection,” he said of his relationship with his daughter Lair, whom he shares with his ex-fianc.It is Gary Shirley.

The wedding was scheduled for October 2016 but was eventually postponed when it was revealed that Matt had fathered several children with different women and was behind providing child support.

“I don’t have seven child support cases against me – that’s not entirely true. I have provided child support for all my children. I have a system where I pay for education and some other things. [However,] I don’t have to pay for my two daughters because they’ve been released, “Matt explained exclusively In contact In February 2016.

During the infamous polygraph test scene that aired in Season 7 Oji, teenage mother, Which was filmed for 2017 while the couple was in Los Angeles At the MTV Movie Awards, Amber examines Matt with a polygraph to get an answer to the fraud charge. It was revealed that Matt was physically faithful through their relationship but had sex with an unnamed woman.

“I passed directly. I’m sorry she’s upset but I didn’t do anything wrong, “he said after leaving the test facility.

Amber and Matt have joined the cast of Season 12 Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition Tried to work on their relationship the same year. During a particularly heated argument on camera, Amber accuses her ex-fiancThis is abuse.

“Why do you think I’m so angry?” Amber screamed. “Because you have laid your king’s hand on me.”

He complains, “Y.You are a woman who is abusing, beating, throwing herself down the stairs. He punched me in the face and said he would call the police and send me back to jail. ” Bayer has denied all allegations of abuse against his ex.

“We went there to help our relationship or whatever was left, and it didn’t go well because he lied about st, so I broke up with him one night,” he said. Teenage mother Ozzy Producers, during a season 7 episode, their Wedding boot camp Experience

Matt Bear

Amber proceeded with one of the crew members Wedding boot camp, Andrew Glennon, And the following year a boy welcomed James. Their relationship came to an explosive end in 2019 when he was arrested and charged with domestic battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

He was eventually sentenced to 906 days in probation and ordered to take a 26-week parenting class.

Amber currently resides in Indiana where she teaches daughter Leah and son James with his two wives.

Where does Matt Bear live?

After the separation from him So, are you crazy too? The author, Matt, left their home in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Las Vegas, where he still lives today.

What does Matt Bear do for a living?

Since moving to Las Vegas, Matt has been trying his hand at being a professional poker player. In 2017, the same year he parted ways with Amber, he paid $ 10,000 to enter a World Series of Poker tournament. He was eliminated in the second round and could not recover any of his entry fees.

Is Matt Bear in a relationship?

Shortly after finishing something with Amber, Matt married Jennifer Conlon, a waitress in Las Vegas, in November 2017. The couple welcomed a boy in January 2019, but in the end the relationship did not work out. Jennifer filed for divorce that December.

Before the divorce was finalized, he was engaged to another woman (also named Jennifer) in California.

According to their wedding website, she was on break from the “Big 50th” [poker] The tournament “when they met. The ex-couple wrote,” Although he had been with women forever, he asked her, “The rest was history.”

Their wedding date was set for February 2020, although it is not clear if they ever got off the corridor.

Where’s Matt Bear now?

Towards the end of 2020, the former reality star opened up about signing the Covid-19 deal. “I wear a mask everywhere,” she told YouTuber Charles’s World at the time, “I don’t know how I got it.”

That same year, Matt had a brief romance with another reality TV star, Tracy Wagman Of Love after lockup. The two were friends until his untimely death in 2021.

Bear’s Instagram account was deactivated in late 2017 after surviving a Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas.

“It was really the scariest night of my life,” he shared at the time.

Of late, however, he has been actively advocating for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict with Russia from his Twitter account. In addition to retweeting numerous celebrity tweets on the subject, he wrote that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky “Leadership defines!”

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