Where is Gen Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith now?

The Teenage mother The franchise continues to expand, and it is sometimes difficult for fans to keep track of where the former stars went after experiencing the reality TV world. Although visitors know how Adolescent mother 2Of General Evans Nowadays, some people are not sure about his ex Nathan Griffith, With whom he shares the son Caesar. So, where is Nathan now?

Keep reading to get an update on what Nathan Griffith is doing today.

Nathan and Janelle’s Rocky Relationship

After separation from his ex Courtland RogersJanelle met the model on Tinder and gave birth to Kaiser in June 2014.

In January 2015, Nathan proposed to Janelle, but unfortunately, their romance did not last, as they kept arguing. In the summer of that year, the couple ended their marriage. In the years that followed, Nathan and Janelle did not see each other as co-guardians, leading to a war of custody over their son.

However, the outsiders were able to reach a custody agreement in 2020, as the MTV reality star exclusively stated. In contact Related.

“I am glad that both sides can settle out of court instead of fighting,” Janelle said in October 2020. “I think being a co-parent at such a young age is scary and hard to deal with. Not everyone gets along to get started. Everyone has a little room to grow and we’re all very happy to be on the same page now. Kaiser is so happy, and it Very positive change. “

Teen Mom 2 General Evans Nathan Griffith Custody Kaiser
Courtesy of Jenelle Evans / Instagram; Courtesy of Nathan Griffith / Instagram

What does Nathan do for a living?

According to his Instagram profile, Nathan is a personal trainer in addition to a former Marine.

Nathan has two children

In addition to Caesar, Nathan also has a daughter named Emery from a previous relationship. From time to time she shares pictures of her two children on Instagram.

“There’s no better way to spend a Sunday than with a family #s casual dress #service!” She captioned an Instagram post featuring her two children in November 2020.

Is Nathan in a relationship with anyone now?

After he and Janel broke up, Nathan left with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Lanhard In 2017. However, the former Marines announced that they had parted ways in July 2021 on Instagram Live, noting that they had not been together for six months.

“It’s bad, but it’s real,” he said of her and Ashley’s breakup. “I’ve started to see other women and things like this, but it’s bad.”

After that, Nathan is reported to have moved on Killin Legnell. In a deleted Instagram post, he jumped on her in his caption.

“How am I so lucky ?!” He wrote at the time.

Since then, Nathan has not shared any pictures with other women. However, he opened up about his views on the relationship in an Instagram video of March 2022.

“Remember, a relationship is not about how much a person can give you,” he explained in the clip. ‚ÄúThat’s how much you can give to another person. Because I promise you, the more you give to the other person, at the end of the day, if they become a hole, no matter what. [the] Men and women, you know, as long as they’re treating you in a certain way, you can walk away from that relationship because you’re right with your decision because you gave it your all. “

Nathan says the MTV franchise has made his life ‘difficult’

In September 2021, the fitness enthusiast revealed that acting in the hit reality franchise had negatively affected his personal life.

“I’m not really the way they wanted to portray me as a person, and that’s why it’s made my life so difficult,” he said. The sun That month, “I’ve lived in Myrtle Beach for seven or eight years, and I’ve never had a problem before I met Janelle Evans. And it’s not because of Janelle Evans, because Reality TV has stigmatized these celebrities.”

Nathan continued, “If MTV really wants to help people, they should focus on the stories of foreign women and men and what they suffer at home. I also have a traumatic brain injury over PTSD.”

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