Which couple is together or divorced?

Watching TLC’s hit reality TV franchise 90 day engagement Literally like seeing the wreckage of a train – sometimes it’s so horrible you can’t look away. And with a few spinoffs, there’s always some kind of drama on Sunday and Monday nights.

In the flagship 90 day engagement The series, which premiered in January 2014, consists of a couple of American citizens and a foreigner who have already applied for and received a K-1 visa, aka “fiance visa”, which allows the foreigner to enter the United States on condition that they Significant will marry another. TLC cameras record a 90-day countdown to their wedding day which is almost always full of fights, stress and tears.

First spin off, 90 Day Engagement: After Happiness?Features of fan-favorite couples who were introduced earlier 90 day engagement And already tied the knot. The series premiered in September 2016 and documented the couple’s struggles as they adjusted to their new life together. For most of them, the honeymoon season ends very quickly.

With its success Then live happily in peace?TLC orders second spinoff in November 2016, 90 day engagement: 90 days ago. The series documents a couple – an American citizen and a foreigner – who are in a long-distance relationship. Most couples have not met in person even after dating online, and Americans usually travel to foreign countries to meet for the first time. The other couples had met earlier on vacation, and most of them got engaged during their season so they could start the K-1 visa process. Couples who have received their K-1 visa can return to the franchise 90 day engagement Correct.

90 Day Engagement: Now What? Originally launched as a web series in March 2017, but after great success, it now premieres online via the TLCgo app before airing on TV. Couples who appear What now? All have appeared in other spinoffs of the franchise.

Couples who have not been asked to join a previous spinoff, perhaps because they are no longer together or do not have a compelling story to tell, may be asked to return to the spinoff franchise. 90 Day Engagement: Pillow Talk. The show, which premiered in April 2019, allows fans to see their favorite stars as they watch the current season of the franchise and respond to the story lines.

Following the great success of all previous spinoffs, TLC debuted 90 Day Engagement: Another Way In May 2019. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes 90 day engagement Premise, so American is the person who moves to a foreign country to live with the person they love.

On top of all the spinoffs, two sets of fan-favorite stars were given their own spinoffs based on their own lives and their families. Family ChantelleIntegrated Chantelle And Pedro Gimeno From 90 day engagement Season 4 debuted in April 2019. In August 2020, a spinoff featured 90 day engagement: 90 days ago They Darcy And Stacey SilvaTitle Darcy and StaceyHas premiered.

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The franchise also launched two limited series in 2020. 90 Day Engagement: Self-Detached A self-portrait mini-series featuring fan-favorite couples who shared updates on their lives during the coronavirus epidemic. B90 Strike Back! Season 4 features the cast 90 day engagement: 90 days ago As they respond to fan comments and tweets about them.

Despite all the relationship drama, the show has a pretty good track record. Most of the couples who attended the show are still together – and only a few of them have divorced.

Scroll through the gallery below to find out 90 day engagement Couples still together, still married, or divorced!

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