White reporter Anthony Mackie mocks Monica and other black artists for taking part in CMT

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According to Power 96.1 RadioA white reporter mocked black artists performing at the CMT Music Awards on Monday, April 11.

The CMT Awards feature fan-voted country music videos and live performances, and are aired annually on the CMT Channel in Nashville, Tennessee.

In an effort to further incorporate other cultures, the CMT Awards have invited black actors in recent years.

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The CMT Awards 2022 featured performances by Jimmy Allen (L) and R&B singer Monica, and was co-hosted by actor Anthony Mackie.

Reporter Patrick Howley, who complained about black artists on the white, award show.

“There were a lot of black people out there,” Howley said. “Sorry to say, but many black celebrities who have nothing to do with country music and why?”

He also criticized Mackie for hosting the CMT awards on Monday.

“I don’t know who this black guy is hosting. It’s supposed to be country music. No offense. I mean, you all have hip-hop and basketball … just fly with your sails, bro.”

Howley played a tape of Mackie CMT Award Hosting And imitating a black accent to ridicule the actor: “Melanad people invented country music! We were making country music in Wakanda before Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard stole the black man’s country music!”

After his comments sparked a reaction on Twitter, Howley claimed he was not racist because he listened to black music.

“There’s no disrespect to the terrible brothers,” he continued. “I like Earth Wind and Fire, Run DMC, etc. But country music is different … it’s not Wakanda.”

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