Who and Guillermo are still together?

Still together? 90 day engagement Upcoming stars Who lives And William Red Join the cast for Season 9, which debuts April 17 and will feature six new long-distance couples. Keep scrolling to find out if this pair is still a couple!

Who and when did Guillermo meet?

Cara met Guillermo, a 23-year-old Venezuelan, on a tour of the Dominican Republic where Guillermo was working. They kept in touch after he left, but things got worse when Kara moved to the Dominican Republic for work. He just left Guillermo.

Who went home when?

After the two met and got engaged in the Dominican Republic, the 29-year-old prisoner had to return to the United States due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Guillermo Cara is ready to join Charlottesville, Virginia, where he works as a real estate agent.

“I love it. I love watching you do it. That’s what I’ve been waiting for forever – to share my home with you,” Cara said in a preview clip of the upcoming season as he drove Guillermo around town.

“Welcome to Virginia,” Guillermo replied in the clip.

“I don’t have butterflies. I have an octopus inside me, “said Guillermo in anticipation of his arrival in the United States.

Who and Guillermo are still together?

The couple discuss their faith in the upcoming season, which was sparked by a confession of cheating in the past.

When Cara Guillermo was asked in the season preview if he believed her, she replied, “I mean … I don’t know.” A heated discussion continues in the clip, debating whether they will get married “in two days”.

“I mean, what about us?” Who asked. “You tell me,” Guillermo replied.

As for the status of their current relationship, the pair are probably still together. Cara posted a picture of Guillermo on Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2022, and Guillermo responded positively.

Who are the '90 day fiancs' and Guillermo still together?  Inside the bumpy relationship
Who lives / Courtesy of Instagram

“You are my biggest adventure. I love you, “wrote the real estate agent with heart and lip emoji.

“I love you so much!” Guillermo commented.

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