Who is Katherine ‘Cat’ Paget? Meet Alex Rodriguez’s new date

Alex Rodriguez There is a type that is sure to come for women. Jennifer LopezIts ex-fianc পছন্দ likes super-fit, gorgeous women and she finds someone who fills all her credentials in amateur bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Katherine “Cat” Paget.

“A-Rod is joking with Katherine,” said one source In contact. “They are enjoying each other’s company and she finds him interesting, but J.P. After a four-year relationship with Lore, he is still not ready for a fully committed relationship with anyone. He has left his options open.

Then came the news of Jennifer’s engagement Fool, The former baseball star has been linked more than once with the bombshell blonde. In April 2022, the pair were spotted traveling in their red Porsche and later the same day, the two were seen sitting on the side of the court while playing the Minnesota Timberwolves Los Angeles Clippers.

Apparently major sports fans, last week, celebrated the opening day at the rumored Oakland Coliseum. A photo of Katherine on Pitcher’s mound, A-Rod claims credit for her photo in the comments section. Scroll down to learn more about Alex Rodriguez’s rumored new girlfriend.

Who is Katherine “Cat” Paget?

Kat, born in 1996, is a resident of Dallas, Texas and competes in the National Bodybuilding according to her Instagram bio. Her page has lots of photos of fitness athletes posing to show off her torn body. He is a die-hard gym fanatic, but prioritizes nutrition and health in his personal and professional life, as he serves as the nutrition director at Doyle Sports Performance. Kat is studying to become a registered dietitian, and also does fitness modeling for vital clothing according to her biography.

K Cat Page
Courtesy of Cat Page / Instagram

The beautiful blonde recently spent some time in Alex’s favorite Miami. While she was participating in the Timberwolves game in Minnesota in January 2022, Kat posted multiple pictures of herself smiling and posing in a small tan bikini while sitting on a yacht. The city’s skyline could be seen across the water, behind him. Kat simply captioned the photo “MIA” and tagged herself as being in Miami Beach.

Kat, a former college athlete, mentioned in her Instagram bio that she is an alumnus of the Houston University of St. Thomas soccer team. Her bio page from her collegiate days says she is 5’3 বয়স and has played as a midfielder.

Athletic, fit, gym-loving, a sports fan and stunningly fantastic! It is not surprising that J. A-Rod showed interest in Kat more than 10 months after his breakup from Lo.

When did Alex and Katherine meet?

The former New York Yankee took the Cat to the Green Bay Packers’ NFC Divisional Playoff game on January 22, 2022, where the telecast stopped to show him on the stand next to the stunning blonde. They were both dressed in green and yellow Packers hats and sat among the fans instead of warm and comfortable private suits.

K Cat Page

The next day, the sporting couple further fueled dating rumors by traveling to Minneapolis to play the Minnesota Timberwolves against the Brooklyn Nets. A-Rod is a co-owner of Timberwolves, and Kat shared several photos of her court-side posting at the Target Center on her Instagram store. Black leggings and a fitted black leather cropped jacket made her look sleek and stylish, adding a blue and green timberwolves scarf for a pop color.

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