Who is Katie Holmes’ new boyfriend Bobby Utten III? Jobs, family more

Katie Holmes Romance found again! The lucky man is a musician Bobby Utten III. The pair put their hands around each other and smiled, and were even photographed coming out in New York on Thursday, April 28, in the photo obtained. People. Katie looks at the moon with her new boyfriend, she and her first public relationship after the restaurant Emilio Vitolo Jr. Divided in August. 2021. Here’s what you need to know about Bobby:

Bobby teaches music at NYU

He is an associate professor at the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at the University’s Tees School of the Arts. Her bio notes that she was a “Grammy-nominated composer / producer / instrumentalist who grew up in Chicago, Illinois” and that she “credits her family’s Gospel Uten Coral Ensemble as her main influence and inspiration.”

Bobby has worked with high profile talent

According to her NYU profile, “Bobby has performed and / or recorded David Byrne, Jennifer LopezMac Miller, Jennifer Hudson And Rick Ross Among others. “He also has a composition and production credit Kelly machine gunTV series EmpireESPN, Nike, Google and Reebok.

Bobby starred on Broadway

The talented musician was part of the band for the Broadway production Red Mill! And David Byrne’s American Utopia, Where he later worked on the show as a flutist, singer and dancer. While working together on another project in 2017, Bobby became acquainted with music icon David and the two had such a good relationship that he was hired. American Utopia.

In an interview with Dr. Black film and TVBobby reveals about the show, “We’re obviously all around as a band, and so didn’t perform any. That is the real joy. When people are there, even without knowing it, you get it the easiest way. You have never seen live music do this before. There is no smoke machine. Wow you have no glasses like that. It’s just like David said at the beginning of the show, we and you. “

Bobby has his own web series

In his school biography, it describes Bobby’s Internet series, America, know your history“Inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement. In a 2-minute episode, he revisits the history seen through the black lens. Reconsidering stories that have been misunderstood, misled, or misrepresented in American education.”

Katie and Bobby’s representatives did not immediately respond In contact ‘Request for comment.

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